Dear Bushel Christian 1

Dear Bushel,

How are you doing?

It’s me, your senior partner. I’m writing to know how you’re doing seeing it’s been a while we spoke.

Today must have been great at work? Can we revive our culture of reviewing your day together? I mean that’s if you don’t mind?

I see you have a new colleague Ada. I couldn’t help but notice you guys had lunch together. I overheard her asking you where you worship. I didn’t quite catch your response. I think it was something along the line of “I don’t do church stuff”

Church stuff? Really?

Yesterday, I watched you while you scrolled endlessly on Twitter. There was this banter about prayers and Shiloh. I observed the savage lines you dropped. You said and I quote “It berates common sense for young people to spend their time on an unprofitable venture in the name of spiritual experience”

It’s not like I’m keeping records but I just can’t seem to forget these “dope” lines.

Is it not an irony how in the quietness of the day, you attempted to mumble prayers. You quickly expressed your half-hearted gratitude repeating the phrase “Father Lord I thank you” because you had forgotten how to pray. Do you not see how you’ve lost your way while trying to appear cool for a few minutes of fame and retweets.

Speaking of retweets, Bushel, I have noticed the sort of provocative things you retweet. I’ve had to double-check your profile to be sure you were the one. If it’s not thirst traps and half-naked women, then it’s a group for hookups.

You have not only forgotten that you are the salt of the earth but you’ve also lost your saltiness.

At birth, you were called Ifenna– the father’s light. What does light do if not to shine?

Bushel, do you remember our visit to mangu hills? You were excited at the foot of the hill because you could see the cluster of huts built at the top. They couldn’t have been hidden.

Bushe, you weren’t saved to be hidden. You are not supposed to put your lamp under a bushel.

As your senior partner, I have not come to speak harsh words to make you feel bad. Far from it.

I’ve only come to remind you who you are. To ask that you put your light on its stand and allow it to give light to everyone around you.

Bushel, can you allow people to see the real you? Not the one trying to conform?
Can you allow the world to see Jesus through you?

PS: The term “Bushel Christians was coined by my friend Adanna during one of our chats on godly relationships

PS 2: I might just make this a series like the Dear Emerald series

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  • Ruth
    Posted at 07:10h, 21 January Reply

    Thank you for talking about this Chizzy. The extent ‘we’ (Christians) sometimes go to appear woke or politically correct is sometimes shameful to see…I just wonder how God feels being denied over & again. Just early this morning I saw a supposed Christian, a leader in her fellowship back then in school publicly loving & sharing a ‘love story’ between two gays. Then ending it with whatever your inclinations/beliefs are keep it to yourself. To say I was amazed is an understatement.

  • Tobe
    Posted at 08:01h, 21 January Reply

    We weren’t saved to be hidden thank you for this

  • Stella
    Posted at 08:56h, 21 January Reply

    Great read, Chizzy. I love the connectivity.

  • Ozioma Mercy
    Posted at 09:11h, 21 January Reply

    Thank you Chizzy. Aptly written. Because we don’t want to be criticized or appear as Jesus freak, we are gradually joining the crowd and hiding what should be daily exposed(Identifying with Christ). It is becoming alarming. God want us to do better as Christians and He expect us to be the light and salt of the earth.

  • Chidike Samuelson
    Posted at 13:42h, 21 January Reply

    Mehn! This post shaa! The truth inside strong. God help us.

  • Enuma Ezeh
    Posted at 17:40h, 21 January Reply

    Chizzy, this is serious and we must continue to speak against these bushel acts and never accommodate or adapt to it just to be cool, never. God’s grace dear

  • Obinna
    Posted at 18:58h, 21 January Reply

    A timely reminder for us rekindle our lost spark as a Christian

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